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Organic farm to table

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The gourmet bistro Tournebroche specializes in the art of the rotisserie and also offers authentic Quebecois specialties with a new twist, including the Tournebroche shepherd’s pie, wild boar pate, pudding chomeur and maple sugar tart.

The Tournebroche’s renowned Chef Stephane Roth has created a menu that features locally sourced organic ingredients and everything is created by hand - from bread and sauces to creme brule flavored with their own honey.

Tournebroche is honored to have been designated as one ‘Must-Eat’ restaurants in Quebec City for 2015!


  • - Salads -
  • - From the rotisserie -
  • - Gourmet Beak -
  • - Stuff your beak -
  • - Wine & Beers -
  • - Sugar beak -


“I already have several personal favorites, which includes the guinea fowl that is served with an incredible licorice sauce. In fact, I could easily base my choice of meal at Tournebroche on this sauce alone, it being so amazingly delicious and unique.”

- Sylvie Isabelle,

“I had the chance to taste the halibut gravlax with a horseradish sauce and another version with blueberry ketchup. Very promising!”

- Francis Laplante,


  • Tournebroche chickens are organically raised in Charlevoix, Quebec.

  • Microbrasserie de l’Île d’Orléans

    The Microbrasserie de l’île d’Orléans brews a beer specially to accompany Tournebroche chicken.

  • Instead of frying our potatoes twice, our fries are first blanched, then fried a single time.

  • Tournebroche uses a reduction to make a scrumptious gravy without a flour base.

  • We don't like to brag, but we also have a green thumb!

    We know that you would like more of this sort of thing, so the bread, mayonnaise, ketchup and ice cream are also all made here.

  • Every day has its own crème brûlée. Come and discover the daily flavor!


Stéphane Roth

Stéphane Roth

Chef at Le Tournebroche

The chef of Quebec City restaurant - Le Tournebroche, Stéphane Roth, is from Jura, France. After finishing his studies, he worked for many “grandes tables” in France, Great Britain, Germany, Martinique, Switzerland and the United States.

When he arrived in Canada, Stéphane partnered with Guy Collin to take the reins of the Patriarch, a 5 diamond-rated restaurant. He applied the wealth of his knowledge and experience to creating the Tournebroche menu, a new genre of rotisserie that is aligned with Stéphane’s high standards, while being affordably priced. From the appetizer to the dessert, Stéphane transmits his passion for local fresh ingredients and exceptional food in the Tournebroche menu.

Guy Collin

Guy Collin


Restauranteur, Guy Collin has long wished to establish a new concept of restaurant in Quebec. The idea of a new genre of rotisserie was simmering on the backburner for some time, and was finally brought to fruition when a perfectly situated space opened up on rue Saint-Jean.

Partnering with Stéphane Roth, his partner in the Patriarch, and Justin Keating, owner of Hôtel du Vieux-Québec, Guy’s Tournebroche concept evolved from a dream into reality.

Justin Keating

Justin Keating

Owner of l'Hôtel du Vieux-Québec.

Justin Keating has transformed the Hôtel du Vieux-Québec into one of the most popular hotels in Quebec City, due to its well-know attentive client service, warm ambiance and ambitious environmentally sustainable platform.

Always forward-seeking, he recently embarked upon large-scale renovations in the historic building, combining contemporary design with historic authenticity. Justin was interested in partnering in a restaurant that would benefit from his organic roof top gardens and beehives, and it was in Tournebroche with Guy Collin and Stéphane Roth that it all came together.